Ladies, You've Been Using Sanitary Napkins Wrong Your Whole Life!


Sanitary Napkins are ladies' bestfriend during menstrual periods. It is placed between the underwear and the vulva to prevent stains and absorb blood flow. However the pad needs to be replaced every 4-8 hours depending on how heavily a woman is menstruating.

However did you know there is a proper way to use sanitary napkins? 


First, Unfold the napkin upon removing from the packaging. Sit on a toilet bowl and pull down your underwear to your knees. Next, place the pad on your underwear making sure the adhesive part sticks. If you are using pads with wings, wrap it around your panties. 

If the pad covers the entire opening of the vagina, the pad is in the correct position.

Once done and the pad is full, fold it, wrap it using toilet paper and dispose.

When when using reusable napkins, the same first methods apply. Since it is reusable, instead of disposing, the pads should be soaked with soapy water. Wash it with laundry detergent after period.

Also take note that the sanitary napkins should be thrown  far from the reach of pets. Some pets are easily attracted by this smell.

Furthermore, remember to wash your hands when changing pads both before and after for proper sanitation.

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