Kidnapper Snatches Baby Away, You Wouldn’t Believe What His 8 Year-old Sister Did!


For an 8 year-old, this young girl certainly has the guts that is difficult to see even among grown-ups.

When the Wright siblings, Delia (8 years old), Brenden (10 years old), and Owen (22 months old) were playing in the park near their babysitters park, a strange man carried their youngest brother in his arms and ran away.

However, that’s not how the story ended.

Both Delicia And Brenden ran after the kidnapper. According to witness, Dorothy Giddings, the little girl came running after while screaming her head off!

Her loud screams caught the attention of passerby, including the two teenage boys who came to rescue the child and chase the kidnapper away. 

The man left Owen in an empty lot and ran off.

“I told that little girl, ‘Honey, you did exactly what you needed to do — scream your head off,’” Giddings said. “That’s what saved that baby. Her screaming and us running.”

The story made it to the local news, and both siblings got rewarded with $100 each. The entire world was stunned with the bravery of both Delicia and Brenden but not nearly as proud as their father, Michael Wright. 

“How precious for your kids to do the right things on an everyday basis, especially the love that they have for the little siblings,” said their father.

Source: TNP , Littlethings

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