Kanye West Is Not Joking! He Will Try To Run For President in 2020!


A lot of people thought he was joking or just high from the marijuana he smoked. Apparently, Kanye West is not joking when he said he will run for president in 2020.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, the Life of Pablo singer said he was not joking when he announced his intention to run for the highest position in his country last year at the Video Music Awards.

West said he may not have any political views but he has a view on humanity.

“We are numb, we’re numb to 500 kids getting killed in Chicago a year, we’re numb to the fact that it was seven police shootings in the beginning of July … we’re numb to places on the Earth that we don’t live — like our life is okay but it’s okay for other people’s lives to not be okay,” West said.

“When I talk about the idea of being president, I’m not saying I have any political views,” he added. “I don’t have views on politics, I just have a view on humanity, on people, on the truth. If there is anything that I can do with my time and my day, to somehow make a difference while I’m alive I’m going to try to do it.”

Who might be his vice-president? Is it going to be his best friend hip-hop mogul Jay-Z? Or will he let his wife Kim Kardashian try to be the first female vice-president? He has still no concrete plans so far.

The whole interview is available as podcast in BBC 1's website.

Source: TNP , YouTube

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