Ilocanos Also Protested Against Marcos, Saying He's No Hero Despite Showing Favoritism Towards Them


Filipinos usually expect Ilocanos to be Marcos supporters since the Marcoses’ ancestors lived in the Ilocos region. However, last Friday, people were shocked to see some Ilocanos protesting against the late President and Dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

The rain did not stop the hundreds of supporters in the known Marcos-supported province of Cagayan who held their own rally in Rizal Park. They marched to the central business district and shouted "Haan a bannuar ni Marcos!" (Hindi bayani si Marcos!)

The protest included Martial Law victims from the Cagayan Valley region, as well as their families, militant groups, and youth and student organizations.

Karapatan-Cagayan Valley Chairperson Mia Liquigan said they will not be suppressed from protesting even if the Marcoses have a large amount of support in their province

"Alam po namin na Marcos-country ito pero umaasa kami na magkakaroon ng malayang pagpapahayag ang mga nagproprotesta, dahil kami po ay patuloy na sumasamo kahit po sa mga Marcos loyalists," Liquigan said.

Liquigan said that, unbeknownst to the public, there were also thousands of Martial Law victims in the region.

Ilocanos also protested against Marcos, saying he's no hero despite showing favoritism towards them
Source: TNP , Rappler

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