Horrible Video of A Huge Door Falling On Top Of A Young Girl Goes Viral. WATCH HERE!


Accidents happen all the time. Once fate decides that your life has to end, there's no stopping it. But this video which recently went viral across social media is too heart-breaking, as fate chose the wrong time to strike. 

A CCTV captured footage of the whole incident where a little girl was seen behind an elderly woman who is assumed to be her grandmother. As the kid enters the huge door, it suddenly topples over her and pins her down. The elderly woman tried to stop it, but everything happened too fast and she got hit by the door as well. 

The girl instantly lost her consciousness. Both of them were immediately rushed to the hospital. The girl suffered several fractures but she fortunately survived and is now recovering. 

According to initial reports, the incident happened at 4pm last Sunday at the South China Sea Ji Jia Square Mall in Foshan, China. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, Youtube

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