Here's The Reason Why Claudine Barretto Was So Angry About What Happened To Her Son!


Prominent showbiz personality Claudine Barretto posted on her Instagram account yesterday. She posted a photo of her 10-year-old son Rodrigo Santino after allegedly being attacked by an adult relative.

“Nagkamali kayo ng SINAKTAN!!! You hurt my Son PHYSICALLY GOD FORGIVE ME SA ANONG GAGAWIN KO SA INYO!!!!” the enraged mother ranted.

A Medical certificate detailing Santino’s injuries was also posted on Barretto’s IG account, stating that her son should rest for two to three days because of a soft tissue contusion.

However, she also disclosed that her husband, Raymart Santiago, did not do anything to fight for their son. Barretto was seemingly not pleased about her husband being passive about the incident.

Raymart Santiago gave his own statement regarding the situation. 

According to (Philippine Entertainment Portal), Raymart said yesterday, November 28:

Santiago said and added that his wife is exaggerating the situation.

However, he admitted that he was not there when the incident happened. He said that his older brother Randy had a party and Claudine and their kids were there. Unfortunately, he was in Cebu at the time.

“Birthday ni Randy [Santiago, his oldest brother,] kumain sila doon. Wala ako doon, nasa Cebu ako.”

“Tapos yung anak ko, si Sabina, sumakit ang tiyan, umuwi. Nagpaiwan daw si Santino dahil naglalaro daw sila ng mga pinsan nila. According to Santino… nagpakuwento din ako, naglalaro daw sila ng bola na papel, nagbabatuhan sila. Tapos nagbabatu-batuhan, tumama sa ulo, nagkapikunan,” Santiago said relaying what happened.


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