Her Sister Called Her Husband To Say 'Let's Have A Baby' And She Said 'Yes, Please!' You Will Not Believe The Reason Why!


Most of us dream of having our own kids someday. That is why, it is completely understandable when Aimee Morrisby got depressed after four miscarriages and the doctors ruled out her womb, saying she cannot support a full-term pregnancy. She had a rare bowel disease when she was a kid which affected her uterus. 

However, her sister Shayna, lifted her spirits with just four words- "Let's have a baby." Aimee couldn't believe that Shayna would sacrifice that much for her, but she of course, accepted the offer. Shayna had two kids of her own and is too willing to conceive one for her sister. She was impregnated with Aimee's embryo and for nine months, they worked hand in hand to making sure that the baby would be healthy. Their husbands were supportive all the way. 

Shayna gave birth to a healthy girl. Couple Aimee and Jake decided to name her: Francesca Louse Morrisby. She is now celebrating her seventh month! 

“My biggest advice to mothers that are pushing themselves to the brink is that it is OK to stop trying in your own body. At the end of the day there is no way my own daughter would be as happy and healthy if I had given birth to her.”Aimee shared. 

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