Heartbreaking: Syrian Boy Asks Nurse 'Will I Die, Miss?' After Surviving Alleged Chemical Attack


In a video posted by the Syria Charity, a young boy broke the internet's heart as he asked, "will I die, miss? Will I die?" after surviving a chemical attack in the middle of Syria's five-year war.

The medical staff at an eastern Aleppo hospital did their best to comfort the young survivor ads he told his story in between tears and violent coughing fits:

"I was watching warplanes. It dropped something, I saw yellow smoke. I felt something and then they grabbed me [and took me] to the hospital," the boy, who must've been no older than 10, explained. He also added that he lost his siblings in the confusion after the attack.

According to CNN, both sides in the Syrian war have accused each other of using chemical warfare. Though there was a three week truce, they have since continued bombing eastern Aleppo Tuesday last week.

Wada Seddikh, the Syria Charity's economic director, assured authorities that the child is okay and is continuing treatment at the hospital.

Source: TNP , CNN , YouTube

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