Having Trouble Sleeping? Check Out These Tips For A Good Night's Sleep


Having trouble sleeping? 

Sleep specialist Dr. Roland dela Eva guested on DZMM and shared with us a few tips on how to sleep better at night.

According to the specialist, chocolates and alcohol need to be avoided when having trouble sleeping. He also shared that stress and anxiety is among the common reasons for insomnia.

"Yung ibang pasyente na hindi makatulog ay pwede rin po silang parang secondary insomnia na pwede pong dahil sa pagbabara ng daloy ng hangin o sleep apnea," shared Dela Eva.

However, he suggested that instead of self-medicating and taking sleeping pills, it is best to consult a doctor first due to the various reasons behind this problem.

"Ang importante po dito ay thoroughly ma-screen po natin sila," he suggested.

The doctor advised against common vices when having difficulties. He suggested avoiding nicotine, alcoholic beverages, caffeine and even chocolates. Instead, he said a regular sleeping habit should be developed.

He emphasized how important it is to have a regular and constant bed time as well as time for waking up to help the body adjust.

The light can also be a factor, he shared. Turning off the lights help the body produce sleep hormone known as melatonin.

"Ang ilaw kasi pwede pong hudyat na araw na at kailangan ng gumising pero kapag madilim, ito po ay parang hudyat na gabi na."

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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