Girl Went Crazy and Kicked Her Boyfriend’s Balls Nine Times! WHY? MUST WATCH!


This girl went viral after abusing her boyfriend physically. Yes, you read that right! This girl went nuts after his boyfriend refused to buy her some fruits.

According to witnesses, the couple were walking past the fruit stalls when the girl demanded that her boyfriend buy her some. The guy refused as the fruits were too expensive. This is when the girl started screaming.

 “Are you buying or not?!”she said.

The guy answered with a stern “no”. At this point, the girl landed a kick on her boyfriend’s balls which caused him a lot of pain! Bystanders were taken aback by what she did. However, she didn’t do it just once, but nine times! The fruit vendor tried stopping her as the guy lied on the floor and was in extreme pain.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP , Worldofbuzz

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