WATCH: Gecko Saves Lizard Friend From Dangerous Snake!


A video went viral showing animal fight between two lizards and a snake

The clip started with two geckos on the wall and a snake on the other side trying its best to devour the gecko. 

Suddenly, the lizard rescued its friend from being eaten alive by the dangerous snake. It repeatedly attacked the animal until finally succeeding to save the other gecko.

The heroic effort of the lizard caught the attention of Filipino netizens. Even though it's gross to watch, it entertained them a lot.

“Nakakadire sila tignan pero nakakatuwa panoorin yung tuko kasi hindi naman niya kailangan lumaban doon sa ahas, pwede naman siya tumakbo na paalis. Buti pa yung tuko, hindi nang iiwan ng kaibigan. Maraming tao ay ahas sa mga kaibigan nila,” a netizen commented.

It is amazing for an animal like that to rescue a fellow when they can choose to run away instead. Truly, this video will testify that there is a thing called #AnimalLove!

See the full video here:

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