Full Pardon For Robin Padilla, President Duterte Says: 'He Has Suffered Enough, I Think.'


Action star Robin Padilla appeared humble after meeting with President Rodrigo Duterte at Malacañang Palace last Tuesday. President Duterte had granted executive clemency to Padilla, pardoning the actor of a past conviction. 

In 1994 Padilla was convicted of illegal possession of firearms. A few years later he would receive a conditional pardon from then President Fidel Ramos and would be released shortly after. However, because of this conviction, Padilla failed to secure a visa thus making him unable to travel to the US.

President Duterte believes Padilla had ‘suffered enough’ through the decades and wasn’t convinced of any malice on the part of the actor when he was caught.

“Kung bitawan mo naman iyong tao sa labas, give him the rights - makaboto, maka-travel, whatever.” he said to reporters. 

On Monday Mariel Rodriguez, Padilla’s wife gave birth to their first child while in the United States. The actress confirmed she was pregnant in May and flew to the US in September. Rodriguez had suffered two miscarriages before, prompting her to fly over in the US for extra medical attention. Unfortunately Padilla was unable to travel to the U.S. with his wife after failing to secure a visa. 

With his civil and political rights reinstated, Robin Padilla now has better chance at being with his family overseas.

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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