Fabio Ide Threw The Best Birthday Surprise For Girlfriend Bianca Manalo! Must Watch!


The beauty-queen-turned-actress Bianca Manalo was unable to hold back her tears after her friends and family gathered surprised her for her birthday.

Bianca went on her official Instagram account to post her video being shocked by the birthday surprise arranged by her boyfriend, Brazilian model and actor, Fabio Ide.

She shared that she just arrived in Manila when the surprise happened. She went to Albania to support her sister, Nichole Manalo, who competed for the title of Miss Globe 2016, winning 3rd place.

“My darling was waiting for me outside of the airport with flowers in hand. When we were on the way home, (GP Reyes) called that there's something bad happened to Louie Y caused by a Brazilian claiming he's a friend of Fabio (of course it was all an act, part of their plan just for me to go to pool club) So Fab and I went to an empty cabana not knowing that there were 30 people inside the other cabana waiting for me. And then.. SURPRISE!!!! All of my super close friends and family were there. Of course, being the Bianca that I am, I started to cry. Kasi I saw my 2 sisters (Kate) and (Kylie) holding the cake for me. I was so happy and surprised,” Bianca wrote in her Instagram account.

She also shared that Fabio gave her a gift that made her celebration extra special.

“His gift to me? A ticket to Brazil to meet his family. Oh wow. Well, ano pa ba masasabi ko?” she added.

Meanwhile, Fabio also went to his own Instagram account to express his gratitude for the people who helped him plan the surprise. He also expressed how much he loves his girlfriend.

“Seeing you smiling and happy is what gives me energy to love you more and more each day. Thank you for being awesome and for being yourself no matter what. I love you so much and I hope you enjoyed my present for you,” Fabio shared.

Watch the video here:

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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