PBB Housemates Cora And Luis Almost Kissed! WATCH THIS!


If PBB Housemates Cora and Luis are already making your sense of romance flutter again, then last night’s episode will certainly make your heart pound an extra beat. 

The housemates went at it head to head in a classic game of “Apple Eating” contest, where in a team of two needs to finish eating the hanging apple without the use of their hands. Last night's episode featured three competitive teams composed of Will and Aura, Thuy and Kisess, and of course, Cora and Luis.

In the middle of the game, Cora’s face accidentally slipped to the side of the apple, heading towards Luis’ face. It was an almost-kiss! However, both got the chance to avoid the awkward situation, and went back to playing the game.

Both were eager to win the game. According to Cora, she wanted to take home the first place against the team of Wil and Aura, considering, the vlogger from Makati, is naturally competitive.

The team did win at the end of the day, with Cora jumping around and screaming “Ang saya!” several times.

Do you think that she’s really like the game or is it because she almost got a chance to steal a kiss with Luis? Let us know!

Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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