This Kind Singaporean Employer Raised Money For Her Pinay Domestic Helper’s Medical Bills. She Even Massaged Her!


A 57-year-old Filipina domestic helper is now back in the country last Monday after suffering a hemorrhagic stroke when she was still in Singapore.

On October 27, 2016, Felicidad Muna Mico was found unconscious by her employer’s son, Eugene, on their sofa and was quickly rushed to Changi Hospital and admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Her employer Dora Sern said, “She was diagnosed as having suffered a hemorrhagic stroke with massive bleeding in the left brain.”

It took a week before Mico was taken out of the ICU.

In order to pay for her hospital bills, after-care and recovery services in the Philippines, Sern went to GiveAsia – a crowd-funding site to help to raise money for Mico.

“Actually, Felice has become far more to us that just a domestic helper – she is an integral part of my family,” Sern said on GiveAsia.

Sern cared so much for Felice that she even takes time out of her day to massage her.

25 years ago, Felicidad left her daughter Izelmae to work for Sern. Last July, the domestic helper signed her last two-year contract to work for Sern since she wishes to take care of her grandchildren so her daughter could work abroad.

"Felice will need physiotherapy and she will have to exercise discipline to do the exercises at home," Sern explained.

According to Sern, she aims to raise SGD 86,600 for her medical and other expenses.

“Since Felice will need full time care (to be provided by her 26 year-old daughter Izelmae), neither will be able to earn a living for 6 months to a year.  We need to raise some money to provide for daily necessities for Felice, Izelmae and Felice's 2 granddaughters, Jhazel (6 years old) and Jhaezy (2 years old),” Sern said.

As of this writing, there are already 320 people who have donated, amounting to SGD 48,719.

“Please pray for Felice. I will continue to update this page with Felice's progress.  Please check back soon!” Sern added.

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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