Elderly Pinay Steals Tablet And Cellphone From A Woman In SM Bacolod! READ MORE HERE!


A viral CCTV footage showed an elderly Filipina stealing a tablet and a smartphone from a woman inside SM Bacolod.

The thief was seen taking the unattended gadgets of a customer busy paying the cashier. When she saw the victim not paying attention to her phone and tablet, the elderly woman saw the opportunity to grab the said gadgets.

Immediately, the thief hid her stolen gadgets in her own bag without anyone, even the SM employees, noticing.

Netizens were enraged when the video circulated on social media. They urged the elderly woman to return what she took, saying that she should know better as she is already of age.

“Matanda na kayo manang para gumawa ng ganyan kakahiya po sa mga nakakakilala s inyo lalo na kung kilala kayong mabuting tao. Isang bagay lang ang sisira sa pangalan nyo,” a netizen wrote.

There are still no updates whether the thief had given the gadgets back to its owner.

Source: TNP, KAMI

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