Donald Trump Named As 'American Duterte' And This Is The Reason Why?


Even before Trump was elected as the 45th president of the United States, his disputable and controversial statements during his presidential run made critics draw parallels between him and President Duterte. 

Having Duterte as the “Filipino Trump” and Trump as the “American Duterte”, the parallelism between two controversial figures creates  questions whether their leadership will play out well for each country. 

Both presidents already made their name even before they gained victory on each respective presidential run, having Trump as a well-known businessman and Duterte as the City Mayor of Davao. Both have a good popularity standing, especially on Social Media. 

Both PresidentS used their social media to build a good basis of online supporters. Trump is Twitter-savvy, and Duterte's followers are active on Facebook. However, both PresidentS face bashers with every single statement they release, most especially, on statements about women. 

Both Duterte and Trump made their share of criticisms towards women. Pres. Duterte was broadly criticized for his remarks saying that “he should have been first” in reaction to the raping of an Australian missionary in Davao City in 1989. Meanwhile, Trump faces a lot of accusations by several women of groping and making inappropriate remarks.

The relationships Duterte and Trump had with the media are undoubtly not smooth. Duterte and his officials accused the Philippine media of “spinning” stories to put the president in bad light. Trump, on the other hand, has also accused the US media as liars, calling them out during his final day of campaign. 

However, if there is one thing fact that the world tends to miss out is this -- both presidents are fans of Vladmir Putin, a strong figure who has sparred with the US on many issues in the international scene, that may influence their characters are leaders of each country.

Donald Trump Named As 'American Duterte' And This Is The Reason Why?
Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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