Diana Zubiri Answers 'Ang Taba Niya' Comments! Find Out Her Answer Here!


Two months after she gave birth to her second child, Kapuso Actress Diana Zubiri went back to acting and said she doesn’t mind comments from netizens about her weight.

In an interview with PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal) on November 16, the 31-year old former sexy star shared that she was offered by GMA to join the new cast of the Encantadia remake.

Zubiri said that she got excited upon receiving the offer but was initially hesitant because she was pregnant when the station called her.

Zubiri originally played the role of Danaya, the youngest among the Sang’gre in the 2005 version of the teleserye. This time, she portrays Lila Sari, a fearless diwata.

"Sinabi nila na gusto nila sanang makasali ako, kaso lang, ang sabi ko nun, ‘Buntis ako’. E, April nun, so we’ll see kung aabot, at least, umabot." Zubiri said.

Two months after giving birth, she joined the cast and began acting again. 
However, she faced criticisms from netizens because of her post-pregnancy weight gain. She was unable to lose weight, which garnered attention from the social media community.

“Noong una, parang putok-putok yung costume, pero hindi naman yung maraming kita. May nag-comment nga before, kasi yung teaser, may nagsabi, 'Ang taba!' she said.

Despite the harsh words, Zubiri took these comments lightly, saying: 
“May nag-comment nga before, kasi yung teaser, may nagsabi, 'Ang taba!ÕDi ba pinapahulaan kung sino si Lila Sari [her character].May nagsabi, 'Si Diana iyan kasi mataba, kapapanganak pa lang. At least, may excuse ako, di ba?" the actress aid while laughing.

Zubiri said that she is very happy with her 7-year old son and 2-month old Baby Aliyah Rose.

Source: TNP, PEP

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