Denise Laurel Reveals Something About Her Health: 'I Have Cysts All Over!'


29-year-old actress Denise Laurel said that joining 'Your Face Sounds Familiar 2' celebrity game show took a real toll on her body.

During the contest, the actress started to notice a change in her body.

"I couldn’t understand because I was so healthy, I was working out, I was doing a soap and Your Face at the same time, pero I was gaining weight," Denise told reporters of PEP (Philippine Entertainment Portal).

"Yun pala that’s my body, it’s stressed na... My body started acting out," she added.

When the actress decided to have her health checked, that's when she understood what was happening to her.

"They found a mass in my breast, my lymph nodes, and in my ovaries. I have cysts all over!"

And when asked what the cause was, she said "puyat".

"Twenty-one years of non-stop working and pushing myself to the limits sometimes, which I love to do. Nobody forced me, I loved to do that," she said.

"I was younger, fit, because I exercise, what could go wrong, right? But no one is really invincible."

When asked now about her current health, she answered:

"I know some of you have been wondering what I've been up to. I've been on a break, getting healthy, and today is a beautiful day because I just found out I do not have cancer."

Although she admitted she's still undergoing process for full recovery.



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