A Chinese Man Used A Funeral Bouquet To Propose To A Girl And This Is Her Reaction!


Its the love and trust that truly matters in a relationship, at least that's what this guy probably thought. No one must have ever told him that the flowers you use in proposing also says a lot whether or not you'll get rejected. 

This man in China proposed to his beloved with a flower bouquet meant for a funeral and got rejected (No one can blame her though).

On bended knees and high hopes, this man proposed to his girlfriend a few days ago. It was a sweet gesture for everyone until they saw the flowers. Upon seeing this,  the woman quickly stormed off in anger and what seemed like disgust.

Shanghaiist says many students have gathered around the couple to witness the scene unfold. Although no one really expected what was going to happen on that day.

Chinese Mans Gets Rejected After Proposing With Funeral Flower Bouquet!
Source: TNP , Worldofbuzz

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