Cancer-Causing Chemicals Allegedly Found In E-Cigarette Flavorings!


Everyone is familiar with E-cigarettes nowadays. New research has discovered that the flavorings of E-cigarettes contain high amounts of cancer-causing chemicals.

The Desert Research Institute in Nevada published a report saying that consuming or inhaling these flavored vapors can cause heart disease and cancer.

Researchers measured 12 aldehydes in aerosols which are being produced by common e-cigarette devices. Five different flavors were tested to determine the chemicals being produced when vaping. Two unflavored e-liquids were also used.

It was found out that the higher the amount of flavor in the e-liquids, the more aerosols were being produced because of the process of Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis refers to the process of rapid heating that is being linked to formation of toxic chemicals which are bad for the health.

 Cancer-Causing Chemicals Allegedly Found In E-Cigarette Flavorings!
Andrey Khylstov, a lead researcher, said that the production of toxic aldehydes is dependent on the flavoring's compound.

E-cigarettes are promoted by most public health experts to lessen smoking and is being used by about 2.4 million people, including students in high schools.

Source: TNP , Rachfeed

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