Bride Leaves The Groom At The Altar – What Happens Next Will Move You!


A young bride left her groom-to-be at the altar during their wedding ceremony, but the reason for this unexpected act was truly magical. 

Brittany Wine Garner had been planning this gesture right from the start, hoping to surprise her deaf fiancé, Evan. The reason for her leaving the altar was to surprise him – by singing for a man who was deaf. 

She contacted sign language expert Nathan Roberts to help her “sing” a song for her soon-to-be husband. This was a song which meant so much to the couple. Practicing every day, Brittany kept her plans secret until the day of their wedding.

Evan knew there was going to be a musical performance during the ceremony, but had no idea what his wife had planned. 

He looked rather shocked when Brittany began moving away from him. The look on Evan’s face when she began ‘singing’ in sign-language is truly priceless.


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