BREAKING: Customs Deputy Chief Art Lachica Was Ambushed, Dead After Multiple Gun Shots!


Nov. 17, Thursday evening of November 17, Art Lachica, the Bureau of Customs’ (BOC) Deputy Commissioner for Internal Administration Group, died in an ambush on Espana Boulevard, Manila.

According to reports, Lachica was waiting for the traffic light to go green at the Corner of Kundiman Street when an unidentified assailant approached him and shot him multiple times. He was rushed to United Doctors Medical Center but eventually died because of the multiple gun shots he sustained.

Lachica was with his two bodyguards, Romulo de Lima and Ramon Hernandez. De Lima was wounded while Hernandez was uninjured as he was seating at the back of their car.

Initial investigations suggest that Lachica has no enemies and he had not received any death threats recently.

De Lima also added that none of them was able to identify the assailant as he ran away immediately after committing the crime.

Officials are still conducting further investigations to identify the suspect and determine his motive.
Lachica was a Certified Public Accountant before he was appointed by the Aquino Administration as the Customs Deputy Chief in 2014.

Source: TNP, GMA

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