This Brave Russian Man Was Being Bitten But Still Saves Dog That Fell In A Frozen Pond


All living things deserve to be saved when they are in danger. This is what a brave man from Russia has proven when he saved a stranger dog when it fell in a frozen pond.

The brave man rushed to the pond when he saw the dog. Shirtless and barefoot,  he managed to run and risk his life just to save the poor dog from being frozen. The thing is, the dog is aggressive even though half of its body was already submerged in the frozen water of the pond. 

The dog did not stop barking at his savior. He even bit the man's hand as he tried to pull the dog out of the pond. He avoided more attacks from the dog until he successfully grabbed the dog's nape.

Bystanders who have seen his heroic deed applauded and smiled towards him.

Source: TNP , Viral4real

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