Body Language Expert Says Obama 'Is Superior' While Trump Is 'Fearful'


Patti Wood, body language expert, analyzed two of America’s most powerful men, former president, Barack Obama, and newly elected president, Donald Trump, in what appeared to be a friendly meeting at the White House, last Thursday. 

Obama was 'extremely fatigued, resigned and not hopeful,' while Trump was 'tentative, serious and perhaps fearful', Wood told

The conversation between Obama and Trump lasted for more than 90 minutes, before addressing the media. 

Trump labeled Obama as a “very good man” 

'If you look at the seating position - their lower legs,' Wood explains, 'they are both in the male, alpha position saying "I am a man"

She mentioned how Obama’s legs are much further apart - which demonstrates strength, and reveals he saying “I’m still on top” 

On the other side, Wood noticed how Trump kept putting his hand in a downward prayer position. “My read is that he has learned something he didn't know before. It's a tentative hand position.'

Though Obama’s actions show superiority, Wood pointed out how weary the former president is. The body language expert is not convinced with Obama’s enthusiasm during the meeting.'There is a part where he says he has been encouraged,' she said. 'As he says it he closes his eyes. I call that an eye block. That tells me he doesn't feel totally encouraged.'

'Obama was extremely fatigued, resigned and not hopeful but very presidential she added 

However, she does think that Obama believes that he needs to work together with Trump to face the challenges.

Before anyone claims the awkwardness between the pair. Trump said that he had: 'A fantastic day in D.C. Met with President Obama for first time. Really good meeting, great chemistry. Melania liked Mrs. O a lot!' 

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Source: TNP, DailyMail

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