Beware: New Modus Operandi That Thieves Are Using! You Could Be Their Next Victim! Must Watch!


If you thought this year was already bad enough for everyone, wait until you see this travesty.

In a video circulating on the net, a woman with a bright blue purse bought something using a 500 peso bill and the vendor promptly gave her change. Afterwards, the woman claimed that she received the wrong amount of change.

It looked like an honest mistake, so, like any good man, he gave her what he thought was the right amount of change.

However, the woman actually hid the change in her bra and pretended it was lacking. 
Luckily, a CCTV camera was able to unveil her tricky moves

Netizens urged the vendor to use this footage as evidence against her so that justice will be served.

Currently, the video has 2,100 reactions and more than 10,000 shares.
Watch her sneaky modus here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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