Before He Took Away Life, ERC Director Jun Villa Left 3 'Suicide Notes'


Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) Director Francisco “Jun” Villa Jr. left 3 handwritten alleged ‘suicide notes’ last August, 3 months before he took his own life at their home in Parañaque City.

The notes that Villa left seemed to be like prayers as it was written for the “Lord Jesus Christ.” Dated August 23, 24 and 25, Villa’s family disclosed the letters at the “pasiyam” of the ERC director. According to his younger sister, Charie Villa, he took his life last November 9 due to pressures at work. 

On his first note, Villa being the chief of ERC’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) felt “fear” and sought the Lord’s help because he “cannot physically bring himself to work”.

He also said the he can’t be unemployed as he still had to settle some bills.

On his second note, he said that his “psychological frame of fear, aversion to pressure, and worrying makes him unfit for work.” He said this as he filled a sick leave and felt bad about it. 

On his last and final note, he felt that he was being framed to fail. But when a certain “E.D.” signed the “Iloilo contracts” he was relieved. 

He further said that “I want to shoot myself in the temple by using Dad’s .38 caliber Smith and Wesson gun.”

However, after three months, he filled an application for early retirement and wrote a letter that is addressed to Salazar saying:

"With great apologies, I must inform you that my health situation does not permit me to perform effectively my functions. I suffer insomnia nightly due to stress factors experienced at work and such disables me from being mentally and physically capable to hurdle work challenges.” 

Then 5 days after he sent the letter, he took away his life. 

Salazar said in a statement "I believe it would be fair to Director Villa’s memory and to our Office for an impartial inquiry into the allegations to be done by an objective body.” 

“We owe it to Director Villa that we go through this process. This would help bring the matter to a close, as all those who are bereaved by his death hope for."

Meanwhile the family of Director Jun Villa wants to organize a foundation to those employees such as Jun Villa can seek legal help when they are pressured at work because they want to stand for what is right. 

Before He Took Away Life, ERC Director Jun Villa Left 3 'Suicide Notes'

Before He Took Away Life, ERC Director Jun Villa Left 3 'Suicide Notes'
Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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