BB Gandanghari Is Now Officially and Legally A Woman!


“This is it! And I thought this day would never come” says Bb Gandanghari, as she marches down the street of California with flying colors.

It was only then, when Bb Gandanghari talked about his sexuality on Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition in 2006 with her co-housemate, Keeana Reeves, and now, this beautiful, confident transgender is now finally a woman

After waiting for three months, Bb Gandanghari’s petition to change her name from Rustom Padilla to Bb Gandanghari is now fully approved by the Supreme Court of California in the U.S.

“Everything makes sense now... and to this great country the United States of America for providing this #basicrhumanright... Thank you!!! #officiallyBBGandangHari

The 49-year-old actress has been sending out his rainbow pride, quoting “Change is coming… BIG time” 

Now, Bb Gandanghari officially bids Rustom Padilla goodbye, as she struts in her true persona.

What do you think about this? Is it time for our country to have the same movement as the one they have in the U.S? Give us your insights!
BB Gandanghari officially and legally kisses goodbye to 'Rustom Padilla'
Source: TNP, Facebook

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