Are You Sleeping With Your Phone Next To Your Bed? You Should Know This!


Most people have smartphones or even just a simple cellphone.

We used this gadget for communication, for business, or even for surfing the internet. We can even pay bills and go banking through this technology.

Many of us can’t live without this very useful gadget. As of today, our life is not complete without these phones for our daily lives.

60 percent of the respondents in a survey said that they use their phones even when they are in the toilet.

What we don’t know about this is that, it can be very harmful for us since these phones contain radiation which can cause health problems. 

What we need to do best is to examine first the phones we are using and follow these tips:

1. Keep phone calls to a minimum.

2. Put your phone in airplane mode when not in use.

3. Don't sleep ANYWHERE near a turned on phone.

4. Use a headset or speaker phone when on calls.

5. Look for a good reception so your phone uses less power.

Source: TNP , Newsner

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