Are Roaches A Daily Problem in Your Home? We Have the Solution!


Cockroaches are among the dirtiest pest that live in our households and they are a carrier of various diseases harmful to humans. Aside from that, cockroaches also have the tendency to contaminate foods. Not only do they pose a grave threat to our health, these pests also cause damage to household items such as clothes, books, wires and even electonic items.

This is why the need to permanently exterminate cockroaches in our households is important.
How? Check out the list below.

If you opt to use a natural method, try the following:
1. Ammonia Solution
2. Bay Leaves
3. Boric Acid Bait
4. Cucumber Trap
5. Using Baking Soda with sugar
6. Listerine
7. Pepper, Garlic and Onion Solution
8. Petroleum Jelly Trap
9. Pinesol and Bleach
10. Soap Solution; and
11. Water Jar Trap

As for simple chemichal methods, try these:
1. Insecticide Spray
2. Professional Pesticides
3. Liquid Concentrates
4. Cockroach Traps
5. Cockroach Bait

Once the household has been rid from cockroaches, it is also important to make sure it doesn't get re-infested. Check out the tips below on how to make sure you'll be rid of the problem for good:

1. Maintain cleanliness
2. Always put bath plugs in place to prevent roaches from entering drains
3. Seal cracks
4. Put up preventive traps
5. Continuously use insecticides in places where roaches might rebuild their nest
6. Look for nests and destroy it
7. Dispose yard wastes
8. Repeat the listed remedies and methods above from time to time to make sure the household stays free from roaches
Source: ArtikuloUno, TNP

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