Watch: Pro-Duterte Supporters Strong Message For Anti-Marcos Protesters Goes Viral!


Yesterday, a Black Friday rally was organized by citizens who are against the burial of the late dictator and former president Ferdinand Marcos Sr. at Libingan ng mga Bayani. 

As expected, the event sparked many debates as pro-Marcos supporters were also present. A group of them caught the attention of the internet, as a video showed footage of how they were engaging with the anti-Marcos protesters.

One law student, Kelby, engaged three elderly men in a debate if the declaration of Martial Law is justified. One of the men said that, if not for the Martial Law, what else could be the solution for a country that cannot be ruled through democratic governing methods.

One of the men of the pro-Duterte group said, “There are two people who are still alive, Enrile and Ramos. Why don’t you guys talk to them instead of hammering a person who is already dead?” 
He also said that he had nothing with the anti-Marcos groups, but said that he wished for them to be anti- anything that is cancerous to the country.

Though Marcos apologists saw the comment as a point in their favor, what many people did not realize was that the elderly men were not necessarily anti-Marcos, but just wanted a change that was for everyone. 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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