Angelu De Leon Suffered A Bell’s Palsy Attack Which Sent Her To The Hospital! SHOCKING!


Angelu De Leon went viral all over Social media after sharing that she was hospitalized due to a Bell’s Palsy attack and had to undergo an MRI scan.

Bell’s Palsy, according to Mayo Clinic, is caused by a swollen or inflamed facial nerve that controls the muscles. Some of its symptoms include facial drooping, a one-sided smile, pain around the jaw or in and behind the ear, and an eye that resists closing. It is usually common in 15-60 year olds and can affect virtually anyone.

De Leon shared a picture of her wearing a hospital gown with the caption:
“Nope I'm not in my pantulog. I just entered a big donut for them to see my thoughts with contrast. I'd smile but my face is not moving. Good night everyone! Take care of yourselves. God bless you.”

In a separate post, she shared a photo of herself wearing eye patches on her eyelids, which aren’t able to close properly. She captioned it with:
"Something might poke it at ikabulag ko pa. I cannot risk it. May Bell's Palsy na bulag pa. Take care and stay healthy please. Don't be like me,"

She also suffered the same symptoms back in 2009.

“My bad din kasi I don't take vitamins every day tapos di ba hectic nung sched namin sa Euro trip tapos beach. Yung change of weather with low immune system made me vulnerable again,”she said.

According to doctors, it would take her 3-6 months to recover from the condition. She is now undergoing therapy to restore muscle movement in her face.

See photos below:



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