Atom Araullo Is About To Have His Very First Movie! You Have To See This!


Mike de Leon has announced that he has found his ‘Citizen Jake’, a film  that will probably be another one for the big screen and might be his last. 

His chosen lead actor? Well, it is none other than Kapamilya celebrity and former news reporter Atom Araullo.

Set to be his comeback movie, Director Mike de Leon stayed true to his unorthodox ways, casting a real-life journalist as one of his fictional journalists. Atom Araullo has no experience in acting.
As the result of a series of meetings and discussions, it can now be announced: Araullo is “firmly on board, having been given the all-clear by his bosses” in ABS-CBN, De Leon said.

Araullo commented on Inquirer and said, “I just couldn’t say no to Mike de Leon. I am taking this leap of faith because I believe in his ability to produce films of exceptional quality that are always imbued with social relevance.”

The two were reportedly swapping ideas for the film, and Araullo even said that their meetings have been intense and that he appreciates him for letting him have a say in shaping the script and the message of the movie. 

De Leon also spoke highly of Araullo to Inquirer, saying that he is a “very intelligent person, with a deep social conscience—and he writes very well.”

Citizen Jake will be about a fictional journalist in an investigative crime story with political implications. De Leon explained his movie to be of hybrid nature, and that it focuses on the world of citizen journalists, social media, and politics.

De Leon is popular for films like “Batch ’81” and “Kisapmata".

An Atom Araullo Movie? Yep, It’s Coming

An Atom Araullo Movie? Yep, It’s Coming
Source: TNP, Inquirer

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