Amazing! Solar-Powered Barbecue Can Cook Meals Even At Night!


From grilled burgers to meat skewers, grilled corn and isaw; barbecue is a favorite of many Filipinos

Different countries have their own styles of barbecuing that reflect their culture. Filipinos are no exception. Indeed, a BBQ is a simple meal – an inexpensive way for us to create a delicious yet affordable meal we can share with family and friends

Unfortunately, the charcoal we use to cook our delicious barbecue dishes is bad for the environment. The emissions from burning coals are generally very unsafe for the lungs and harmful to the environment. Smoke inhalation has, of course, caused respiratory problems for many people for extended periods of time. 

Some have invented environmentally friendly, solar-powered grills. However since these devices need the sun in order to function, it’s virtually impossible to cook at night. 

Let’s be honest, barbecue tastes better when eating it with a few cold beers at night.

MIT professor David Wilson developed new solar technology to solve this problem. His solar-powered cooker can store the sun’s energy and can be used even during night-time.

How is this possible? Watch This Video To Find Out!

Once this device comes out, say goodbye to coal and other fuel expenses. You’ll be cooking great meals and saving the environment at the same time!

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