After They Were Hit With A Massive Earthquake, New Zealand Faces Possible Killer Tsunami! Let's Pray For Them!


U.S Geological Survey reported a 7.8 magnitude hits central New Zealand causing a tsunami and damage all over the city.

Authorities warned the people about the developing tsunami. Thousands evacuated their home and went to higher places as it was told to them that in some places, the wave will reach up to five meters (yards). 

Sarah Stuart-Black, a national controller at the Ministry of Civil Defense said, “The first waves has arrived but we know that it is too early to say what the impact has been.”

"Our concern is what is coming. Future waves are coming may be bigger than what has come before,” she added. 

Helicopters, medical and rescue personnel were already sent out by St. John Ambulance going to the epicentre of the quake. It is 91 km (57miles) in north-northeast of Christ Church.

Series of aftershocks and tremors were felt in some parts in New Zealand but they were no reports of casualty. 

Several establishments were damaged according to Richard Maclean, spokesman for the Wellington City council.



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