Actor Robin Padilla Strongly Supports Marcos’ Hero’s Burial! “Marcos Is A Hero'


Movie star and local television personality Robin Padilla expressed his full support over the hero’s burial of late-President and notorious dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani, saying that the former national leader was indeed a hero.

Padilla’s point of view comes from the idea that Marcos questioned the aid given by the United States for the Philippines. 

“Ako ay tagahanga ni Marcos. Sinabi ni Marcos (sa Amerikano) na dapat yung aid sa Pilipinas tumbasan yung ano ang kailangan natin, hindi po puwede puro military aid... Kung ginawa ni Marcos yun, hero siya sa akin." Padilla said on Friday according to CNN Philippines.

He also mentioned that Marcos is one of those who fought against the Americans. 

Padilla unfortunately glosses over the fact that Marcos’ 20-year-long regime was responsible for numerous atrocities and crimes against humanity. He also fails to understand how disingenuous Marcos’ surprise burial was for the people who suffered under Martial Law brutality.

According to CNN Philippines, Marcos was a close ally of the United States and then-President Ronald Reagan during his regime. The Americans also paved way for the Marcoses to get out of the country during the People Power Revolution

Earlier this week, Padilla who was convicted in 1994 for illegal possession of firearms, was granted “absolute pardon” by President Rodrigo Duterte. He can now enjoy his civil and political rights which include his right to vote and right to run for a political position.

As a known vocal supporter of President Duterte, Padilla also expressed support over policies implemented by the current president including his war against drugs, restoration of the death penalty and charter change.

Source: TNP CNNPhilippines

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