A Private School In Manila Is Now Under Scrutiny After Allegedly Forcing Their Students To Participate in Anti-Marcos Rallies!


Amid the controversy surrounding the recent burial of the late President and Dictator, one set of pictures in particular caught the ire of netizens.

Girls in St. Scholastica uniforms circulated online and drew concern from many netizens. In the pictures, the girls were protesting against the burial of the deceased dictator with placards that said, “Marcos is no hero” and the like. 

A complaint coming from a person who claimed to be a parent was sent to Mocha Uson blog

The message was posted by Mocha on her Facebook page, Mocha Uson Blog, which has a following of almost 4.5 million people. Many netizens expressed their opposing opinions or support, creating yet another thread filled with friction from both sides.

It was made clear by one of the educational institution’s heads that they very much addressed the intentions of the school to the parents and even sent out letters of consent from the grade school to high school department. 

Source: TNP , Facebook

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