A Once-In-20-Years Supermoon Will Appear On November 14! Don't Miss It And Find Out More Here!


Brace yourselves for a twilight-like scene this coming November 14 for you are about to witness the biggest Supermoon in almost 70 years! This is going to be one astronomical show!

Scientist even said that this upcoming Supermoon would be the biggest of its kind for the whole 21st century so \it is not an event to miss.

 Because if you do, let's just say that you'll get to experience it again on November 25 in the year 2034.

A supermoon is a full-moon that only occurs when the moon is at its closest point of approach in its orbit around the earth. On these rare times, the moon would appear 40% brighter than usual.  

Astronomers say that any one from any place of the world would most likely see and notice it on the day of November 14.

Source: TNP, AOL

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