A Mother And Her Daughter Was Caught on CCTV Beating Up A Riding-In-Tandem Snatcher! Watch The Footage Here!


CCTV Footage captured in Sta. Mesa, Manila showed a mother and daughter beat up a couple of riding-in-tandem snatchers.

The snatchers were able to grab the woman’s phone, but were stopped by the woman’s mother. She stood in their way as the motorcycle slammed into her, knocking the 3 of them down.

The thieves left their motorcycle behind and attempted to run away, but the mother and daughter were able to catch up to them.

Fellow residents assisted them in capturing the would-be thieves and served their own brand of street justice by beating them up.

Barangay authorities eventually arrived and arrested one of the thieves. Unfortunately, the other one got away. The suspect detained was identified as Michael Amagna, 29-years-old, and is being held at MDP Station 8.

The mother who was hit by the motorcycle is now in good condition.

Source: TNP GMANetwork

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