A McDonald's Service Crew Left His Job Because Of This Creepy Encounter! SCARY!

Ghost stories are everywhere. They can happen even in the most unlikely places.

However, this story of a service crew from Mcdonald’s Unciano in Antipolo of a creepy encounter with an old woman actually led him to leave his job.  He never expected that something like this would happen to him. 

His story goes like this. He took the opportunity to ask his manager for overtime. While he was mopping the floor, he noticed that an old lady was asking people around if they could help her but no one seemed to notice her. As the service crew continued cleaning, the old lady went to him and asked if he could lead him to the CR. He pointed the direction to the CR is but the old lady insisted that he should come with her. 

They went inside the CR and the old lady did something unusual to him that made him shiver and become pale after he got out.

Know the full story below !

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