A Huge Dog And A Mailman's Extraordinary Friendship Caught On Cam. Watch This!


Time and time again, dogs continuously prove to be man's best friend, as they create incredible bonds with humans that are beyond ordinary. 

In a heartwarming video taken and shared by the dog’s owner, Michael Collins, on Facebook, an amazing friendship between his huge 9-month-old dog and a mailman was caught on hidden camera.

Collins had already been speculating about the friendship and to prove it existed he placed a hidden camera to capture the phenomenal bond between the unnamed mailman and his dog. 

Despite having no mail to deliver, the mailman intentionally drops by Collins’ place just to visit the dog and pet him.

Collins posted, "Just want to share something cool! Everyday whether or not we have mail this mailman always tops to see my dog who is only 9 months old."

The dog’s enormous size may appear threatening, however the mail man isn’t bothered by it and routinely drops by every day. Collins was moved by the sweet bond between his dog and the mailman.

"He always gets overlooked as a dangerous or unapproachable dog, Maybe 'cause he's big I am not sure," he added.

"He doesn't bark at them or growl (Maybe the odd couple times he barks at people but which dog doesn't) But this guy here always makes an effort to get off his bike to give him a hug and a pat!"

The mailman remains unidentified, however, Collins hopes that bringing it to Facebook will help him find out the mailman's identity so he can pay him back for the kindness he has shown towards his dog.

"But thanks, man keep up the good job and you've definitely got a friend waiting for ya!!," shared Collins.

Source: TNP, EliteReaders

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