8 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Stop Eating ASAP!


Cancer is one of the most common killer diseases in the whole world. It can affect anyone at any age and of any gender and no cure has ever assured 100% survival. Although its direct causes remains undetermined, these food items were proven to actually increase the chance of develop cancer cells. Check the list below:

1) BPA Lined cans
BPA stands for Biphenol-A which is used to coat metal cans. Researches have proven that BPA is somehow connected to cancer. Opt for BPA-free cans when you go shopping.

2) Cured and Smoked Foods
Nitrates are used to preserve these foods to avoid expiration. However, when heated, these turn into harmful compounds that can increase the risk for cancer. 

3) Cultivated Fishes
Due to the overcrowding of fishes fish farms, they are more prone to different to sicknesses and ocean lice. Thus, more anti-bacterial chemicals and pesticides are used which includes, a proven to be a cancer agent.

4) Microwaved Popcorn
These contains Perfluoroalkyls to keep it fresh. However, these chemicals turn into blood contaminants when ingested and is highly to cause tumors in organs.


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