6 Important Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know


For women, men will never understand the pain and hassle they have to go through every month when they get experience their menstrual cycle. This is nothing for them to be ashamed of as it is a sign of a healthy and functioning body

It is important to know some lady life hacks for when your monthly visits comes.

1.) Painkillers – a quick and effective way to treat unbearable cramps during your period. 

2.) Keep records of your cycle – make sure you are aware of your period cycle so as not to get any surprises when it does come. Installing an application on your Android or iOS device is a good and easy way to start which can help you track your days and help you predict the next.

3.) Exercise when you have cramps - Dr. Anate Aelion Brauer, a reproductive endocrinologist at the Greenwich Fertility center. "It's your body's natural pain killer and mood elevator."

4.) Avoid coffee and chocolate – Coffee and chocolate are vasoconstrictors which causes of the uterus tightening, making cramps worse.

6 Important Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

5.) Avoid alcohol – alcohol such as wine can reduce blood sugar levels, which is a good thing, but not when you’re in your period. It makes cramps worse.

6 Important Period Hacks Every Girl Should Know

6.) Drink plenty of water! – Dehydration can decrease water retention making cramps more agonizing and severe.
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