5 Early Symptoms of Colon Cancer You have to Know!


Colon cancer is one of the most common type of cancers. This is often described as a 'silent killer' as it is usually diagnosed too late for treatment. However, these signs are early indications that you just might have a colon cancer. Read below:

1) Fatigue
Cancer cells consume energy and cause blood loss. If you have a healthy routine, yet feeling tired constantly, you might want to consult your doctor right away. 

2) Stomach cramps
If your cramps keep recurring, this might be a sign that cancer cells are starting to form in your colon. 

3) Irregular Bowel Movements
We should be paying attention with the freuency, consistency and appearance of our bowel movements. 

4) Sudden weight loss
This is a main symptom we all have to pay attention to. If you notice a sudden drop in your weight, immediately consult a doctor. 

5) Blood in stool
Although there can be many reasons for bleeding in the rectum, this can be caused mainly by colon cancer.

How to prevent colon cancer:
1) Eat fruits and vegetables regularly to improve digestive system
2) Exercise regularly
3) Maintain healthy weight
4) Avoid smoking and alcohol

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