This is How Gretchen Barretto Is Treated like a Real Queen by Her Husband! Watch!


There’s no doubt that actress Gretchen Barretto is showbiz royalty. If Gretchen is a queen then certainly businessman Tony Cojuangco is her king. 

Recently she shared videos on Instagram of the ways her husband keeps spoiling her.

Last Wednesday she posted a video of her doing some early Christmas shopping. According to the actress, this is a tradition she and her “Dada” have. She admits that it takes her forever to negotiate prices, and that they do their gift shopping early to “lessen the stress” for Tonyboy. This tradition goes back to when Tonyboy had bought her 2 sets of necklaces and earrings to wear on their daughter’s first birthday.

Last Sunday, Gretchen shared two videos of her outing with her common-law partner at Subic. One video showcases their new yacht named after daughter, Dominique


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